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IHere's a song I recorded in Liverpool in 2005, and has been with me in my live shows ever since. But I've never released it - not until now. So I invite you to come with me on a trip back in time.


I've been fortunate in that I've not had to deal with a lot of death, illness or loss among my closest. As time goes by and years pass, this changes for most of us, but back in 2005 I had my first encounter with loss, and its effect on someone close. My girlfriend lost her grandmother and the song was inspired by the effect it had on her father. A man who I'd known to be a tough and "nothing can break me"-kind of person, was a very changed man, in many ways, when he lost his mother. And from this, I wanted to write a song inspired by and for him in a time of loss. The title "Remembering You" was my attempt at a helping hand by encouraging to focus on the memory of someone lost. And from there it grew into a song that also works on a more general trying to find positivity and believe in oneself.


This song was recorded back in 2005, and the video was filmed in and around the famous Albert Dock area in Liverpool, United Kingdom, in January of 2006. At the time I was working as a freelance songwriter, singer and musician in Liverpool, but I had also had to take on a part-time job, working nights. I remember my girlfriend was working as an actress and was constantly traveling around the North West of England, and we really didn't see much of each other, a lot of the time. So one day when I needed to get out, and I had just laid down "Remembering You" in my home studio - I decided to bring my camcorder and a guitar to see if I could film something usable for a music video. Feeling very uncomfortable with standing and sitting in different spots in the Docks area, I managed to get a few passes of film with people wandering around, going about their daily business. I put together a simple performance video of the footage, and it's been on YouTube for over 10 years, but I never thought the letterbox format did the music video justice.


So for a while I've wanted to today up the video quality and bounce up the level of and rebalance the master, as well. That being said, and unfortunately, the remastered result is not based on a remix of the original, as the stems/tracks were not preserved. So this is not a perfected remastering, but a significant improvement - both to the video and audio recording. Many of you have asked me why this song never had a more proper release, and hopefully this explains why. I also feel the original recording has a vibe to it that I'm not sure I recreate. This song is meant for positive encouragement, whether it is for the loss of loved ones, or if you need a song of self-affirmation. I hope you enjoy it!


Originally recorded by Phil Collins.

Cover recorded March/April 2021.


Originally recorded by Seal.

Cover recorded February/March 2021.

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