NEW MUSIC ANNOUNCED: «The Girl I Knew» to be released on KBS Productions on November 15.

«I am really happy to announce that my next single will be out on November 15. «The Girl I Knew» is a heartbreaking depiction of deceit and sorrow. Perhaps the hardest song I've ever written, but still it felt like something I had to do. 

When I was told that two people very close to me, were parting ways, I was shocked and saddened. But mor than anything I was moved by the despair expressed from the party who was left. »

After a long period without any new music, I'm happy to finally announce my next single release. «The Girl I Knew» was released on KBS Productions on November 15. Click here to experience the brand new music video, as well.

«Wild Indigo» closes in on  20,000 streams of Spotify.

I'm so grateful that my latest single release closes in on 20,000 streams. It might be a small number for more established artists or bands with streamlined management teams or record labels. To me this is an achievement I am proud of, and grateful for. Thanks to all my listeners, followers and fans!

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