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"My journey into music has been a life-long love affair with the creative arts."

After having discovered the amazing world of popular music in his childhood, Kyrre Bjørdal Sæther dove head-first into the industry in his teens. 

Throughout his teenage years he played in numerous bands on a variety of instruments. Eventually the aspiring musician realized he loved the voice more than any other instrument. This lead him to his other great love, writing songs. 

From the mid to late 1990s Kyrre was writing songs on a daily basis and decided to make his creativity my livelihood. I applied to attend the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts where he completed his Bachelor Degree in Music in 2004. At LIPA Kyrre specialized in Songwriting and Vocal Technique.

In 2004 Kyrre released his solo debut («On My Own»). The album was received with positive reviews and was featured in steady rotation on terrestrial radio. 

After a long hiatus, Kyrre returned as a recording artist in 2016. This time with an even keener and developed pop-ear. Kyrre says he is "...happy that my releases has been met with praise, reasonable streaming numbers and interest from terrestrial radio." Today Kyrre works as a singer, songwriter and music producer, as well as an arranger, composer and music tutor.


More new music is always on the horizon, so: Up, up, and away!

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